Strategic Planning Services

With expertise in both business and technology, our team can facilitate the development of an integrated IT strategy that supports an organization’s desired outcomes, goals and objectives. Our approach include three phases:

Assessment: Determining how a business currently functions is a critical aspect of the strategic planning process and will include every aspect of the business.

Planning: This is the goal-setting phase of the process, where the vision of the business is clarified, especially considering information discovered in the assessment step.

Execution: We complete this process with a quantifiable and realistic plan that factors in the information gathered from the assessment and planning sessions.

Our team can extend these services further to facilitate the creation of technology roadmaps, implementation plans, and organizational change and communication management plans to increase the success of implementation.


ROAM’s strategic planning process helps organizations clarify their goals and start the process of working toward those goals in a meaningful manner. With our comprehensive methodology, businesses can benefit from:

Defined Goals

Improved Communications

Increased Satisfaction

These benefits are enhanced by the skilled and experienced resources and best-practice solutions ROAM brings to the table. With personalized, hands-on approaches, ROAM guarantees unique solutions for every customer, fostering the best possible results based on your vision and goals.